Book Club

Book Club by Maude Weiss (a Lafayette College student volunteer)

A wise man sang a plea

for a place where “Nothing is secret, everything’s sacred”

A wise man painted me

a utopia

An impossible, lyrical, mythical world

In which every person is naked and cherished and held

I could dream it but I could not believe it

But I have learned and I have grown and I have seen

I have seen the woman behind the bars
I have heard her song
I have felt her hearty laugh
And I now know-

I now know that we only truly possess two things-

two things that are ours to give




I now know that fear doesn’t stand for “Fuck Everything And Run”

Fear stands for “Face Everything And Recover”

I now know that there’s nothing for us to do but

“Fight the good fight”

Most of all,

I have been taught that

my naked dream is true

in small pockets

microscopic moments

quiet hour and a halfs

one day of the week

it’s real – no matter how small

No matter how tall the bars are or how thick the cement is or how stifling these labels may be

It still exists

A place where

All is seen


All is sacred

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