“Art therapy is a time when I can let my body, mind and soul escape to a place of complete euphoria, a moment of meditation and clearing of the negative to make room for positive energy.”

“I look forward to the groups with Dr. Bonnie and my fellow inmates. I have sent some of my art work to children in my life.”

“Dr.Bonnie’s classes have helped me work through trauma, grief, and daily stress.”

“What Dr. Bonnie brings to our jail is amazing. She gives us an outlet for our feelings.”

The Journey Home is the house for women empowerment and a learning environment for the fact that not only women can be fond of each other but also nurture one another under anyone’s and everyone’s roof.”

“The college students remind me that there is a life waiting for me outside these walls.”

“The groups that include Lafayette students and inmates have brought an awareness to myself that although we are from very different walks of life we as women share the same struggles, insecurities, inequlities, and uncertainties of our future, our destinies. We relate in so many aspeacts but not because of our criminal history or lack of but because we are women artsts and share the gift of expression.”

“We as the journey home women/Unite with hope, strength and love/we will discard our broken past/and we will surely rise above. For we are women with a purpose/nor more lost or all alone/looking for the open door/we are on the journey home.”

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